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3 Uses of an MBA

From starting or working at high levels in an insurance company to becoming savvy with investing, MBA programs offer students from a variety of fields and interests the opportunity to take their skills and work experience and translate them into top-level positions across all industries. If you’re considering becoming an MBA applicant, here are three areas of specialty to consider before your first meeting with an admission consultant who will help you get into a top business school, such as Stanford, Harvard Business School, Wharton, or Kellogg.

1. Insurance Industry


The insurance industry isn’t going anywhere. People carry insurance for their vehicles in personal auto policies, homeowners have home insurance, and even travelers need travel insurance. From life insurance to personal policies for health care and more, the depth of the insurance industry is massive. For this reason, insurance experts are always in high demand.

Maybe you have experience working in an insurance policy firm and have considered talking to a business school applicant consultant about your chances of getting into a top MBA program. At a great MBA program, you can study not only workplace organization but learn more about the specifics of the insurance agency, like rideshare insurance policies and the differences between collision coverage options for businesses and personal policies. For someone like you, you might be surprised at just how many career opportunities could open up for you with the combination of insurance and top business skills.

2. Investment Industry


If liability coverage or the ins and outs of Uber’s insurance policy isn’t something that sparks your interest, another area where you might enjoy an MBA specialty is in investments. Maybe you’re someone who works for a large company at mid-level management who has all the skills for bringing efficiency and 5S workplace organization to top levels. By applying that background to a top MBA program with a specialization in investing, you could soon find yourself with tools to make your money work as hard for you in the market as your employees do in the warehouse. That is, for someone who possesses great problem-solving and analytical skills but also has patience, an investment track could be perfect.

Talk to an MBA admission consultant about your ability to get rid of unnecessary items and focus on the bottom line. Most online MBA programs offer individualized courses of study as well as formal degrees that will teach you to track the market the same way you now do productivity and efficiency stats.

3. Entrepreneurship


For some students, the reason to get an online MBA is as simple as wanting to learn as much as possible about starting and running a business. These students are generally go-getters who hope to be their own boss, have a great idea of how they could build a business to make a difference, and have the confidence to break out on their own.

The beauty of earning an MBA before starting your own business is that you’ll be able to start it in school. As your cohort is learning about how to write the perfect business plan or vendor pitch, you’ll be able to use your own business idea to practice. For your capstone, you’ll have extra eyes and ears on your overall plan. This could lead to less risk and better results down the road as you open your business doors.

At the end of the day, whether you study bodily injury and insurance for Uber drivers on an insurance path or learn all about the stock market, earning an MBA at a top business school from professors with years of experience in all industries will teach you the best practices that will lead to better efficiency and a higher income. Good luck with the application process and congratulations on your decision to expand your education!