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5 Gifts Every College Student Can Appreciate

College is right around the corner and your child is beyond excited to get their first taste of actual freedom. But it’s important to buy what is actually useful to their needs. Hint: A shower caddy is not a necessity, but a dorm fridge is. This will be their first time out of the home and balancing a challenging course schedule, so the perfect gifts for college students can make a major impact on their quality of life.

1. Music

Gifting a portable Bluetooth speaker is a really nice idea since they can easily store the speaker and bring it with them to their dorm. A smart device could work too, such as the Amazon Alexa. Your student can discover information for a paper and find out the weather for the day all on one device. Music also brings people together so it can be a great bonding tool to meet and make new friends in college. If you aren’t sure of a speaker, Samsung refurbished tablets also make a perfect gift. Plus, with that, you can make sure they set up video calls to check-in!


2. Walking Shoes

Most campuses are quite large and there can be a bit of distance between the student dorms and the classrooms. Practical walking shoes would be a thoughtful gift. You can find the perfect sneaker and leisure shoe to fit your student’s personality, as well as their foot. Whether they want a bright pattern or a shoe that was made sustainably, there are plenty of options to choose from.


3. Selfcare

If you’re worried at all about your future student being a bit overwhelmed, a gift of CBD oil could help calm their nerves. CBD oil along with exercise and meditation can help to alleviate symptoms of stress. Research has shown that oil can be effective at stopping anxiety as well. If your college student is worried about the extra responsibilities of freshman year the oil can be a very thoughtful gift. CDB oil has also been helpful for those who struggle with panic attacks or insomnia. The gift is also especially nice for those who aren’t thrilled with the idea of putting prescription mediation such as Xanax in their system. CBD oil is a great natural option.

4. Plants

Have you ever heard your parents tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, why not give the gift that could be the next best thing? That’s right, a money tree plant! Having vegetation in your room can help with oxygen levels and relieve stress while making the air quality better. The money tree plant is relatively easy to take care of, hard to kill, and needs minimal attention. There are also many folk legends that suggest that the plant can be a sign of good luck and bring wealth. Feng shui also believes it offers its five principles of earth, water, fire, wood, and wind which will make your room more inviting to fellow dorm livers. Your college student’s room will become an instant gathering area.

5. Health

Giving the gift of health is always a good way to show that you care. Between the unlimited meal plans and pizza-runs, your gift receiver may find it easy to gain the freshman 15. A step tracker like a Fitbit could be a great option to remind your student that it’s important to build up a sweat. Most also have a clock so they’ll never be late for class. It may also encourage them to hit the gym or join a recreational league. Joining a school sports team is not only a great way to stay in shape but it’s also a way to make new friends for life!