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5 Ways to Get in Style This Fall

From the cool temperatures to the sound of a crisp leaf underfoot to bonfires with hot chocolate — the spooky season is officially amongst us. If you’re looking for some style inspiration this autumn, break out the plaid and the pumpkin spiced lattes and check out these five ways to keep your style in check this fall.

Get in touch with your zodiac sign.

Since the rise of popularity in astrology, you may be starting to wonder how to dress like your Zodiac sign. Top tips include knowing if you’re an air sign, water sign, fire sign, or an earth sign. Get to know what your zodiac sign means to you. Are you creative or more strategic? Are you adventurous and popular or more of a loner who likes to be comfy? Believe it or not, these things define your star sign and your star sign shows up in your style. Your star sign can help you decide whether layered is your style, or if a bold statement sweater is more your cup of tea.

Versatile Dresses

Odds are, you’ve been rocking bright dresses all summer long — and why wouldn’t you? They’re comfortable and make you look well put together in the morning, so no one suspects you spent the entire night before binging that new Netflix drama. Just because the snow may be falling, it doesn’t mean you can’t still fool everyone in the office that you got a full eight hours of sleep.

Thanks to the inspirational scarecrow, patchwork is in this fall. A bold print patchwork brings the autumnal vibes even if it isn’t cold where you live. Feeling like bold prints aren’t for the office? White House Black Market has some amazing reversible dresses, so you can be prim at work in a solid and head off for drinks with the girls in a fun pattern like houndstooth. Have fun with this one!

Sweater Weather

It doesn’t matter if your personal style is band shirts, fancy blouses, or comfy printed tops, adding a cozy sweater instantly makes you fall-ready. Find a natural colored sweater in oatmeal or ivory that fits over everything — it will soon be your favorite item in your wardrobe. Moreover, the best sweaters have pockets if you’re prone to losing your phone or keys.

It’s all about the layers.


It’s a survival fact that dressing in layers keeps you warm, so channel your inner fall-fashionista and break out those skinny jeans, knee-high boots, long sleeve top, and a puffer vest to stay both fashionable and warm.

Cozy Accessories

Dressing in layers doesn’t mean you have to take your grandma’s fashion style! Is your sweater looking a little boring? Try wearing a fun, bright print underneath it. Still, feeling cold even while were a long sleeve waffle thermal? Add some feminine flair with a fun ivory and blush pink plaid cashmere scarf. Fall is all about layering, so don’t be afraid to layer your jewelry and bracelets as well for a chic boho vibe.