A List of the Different Types of Houses

Just like fashion, the architectural industry has experienced a vast number of trends coming and going. If you’re looking to buy a new home, or you’re going on holiday and curious about the different types of houses out there, stay tuned. This article lists some of the most popular options.



Decades have gone by, and there’s still no general consensus about the difference between cabins and cottages. Whether it’s a cabin rental for a family vacation, a rustic cabin with details going back to the early ’80s, a cozy bedroom cabin, or a romantic cabin with spectacular mountain views, this housing type is the definition of simplicity. A typical cabin area features a minimal aesthetic that is simple and rustic. They are less finished than cottages, and they’re almost always located in rural areas.

Despite their early design, you can find modern versions (or luxury cabins) around more urban spaces. These usually come fully equipped with everything you’ll need for comfort, from a private hot tub to a comfy bed and even a refrigerator. If you’re lucky, you might find that your cabin features barbecue grills and an additional cabin area for guests.

For a fully immersive cabin experience, there are many holiday cabins in NC and other U.S. states. Prices depend on what you want included. For some, a fully equipped kitchen and barbecue grills are the priority. Other people prefer to have a getaway that includes no technology. Instead, they want to bask in nature’s wonders like mountain views, public areas, and recreation near Fontan Lake. With all our varying housing needs, it’s imperative to understand the different kinds of homes out there.


We all love seeing how cozy cottages can be on the internet, but rest assured that they’re even better in person. Cottages are also known as bungalows or small houses, and most have been around since the 1920s. They’re characterized by a generous front and back porch and a double volume structure. Most often, the second story is used as an attic.

The design of a typical cottage includes built-ins such as dining booths and window seats. In addition to the comfy beds, which make these perfect for a romantic getaway, cottage-style housing is considered one of the most affordable housing options in the United States.

That said, if you’re renovating a cottage, it’s always best to seek the help of professionals. Roof replacements, for example, are best left to the specialists. A quick Google search will help on that front. For example, a quick search for “West Palm Beach roof replacement” will likely deliver some viable results if you live in Palm Beach.

Ranch Houses


The ranch house style has been in existence for a long time and has slowly made a return in a big way. This antique style of housing features a single-story structure and open floor plan. Ranches are majorly characterized by their high ceiling design, which allows you to opt for very high and bright chandeliers.

This pet-friendly housing style became famous in the 1930s in the rural parts of the United States. Back then, it was considered more economical to build a big home for your whole family on large amounts of land without causing a dent in your savings. Today, you can find most ranches throughout the South, Southwest, and Midwest of the United States.

If you want an extremely spacious home with its own back porch, picnic area, and patio for your annual family reunion, a ranch will be the perfect fit for you. Ranches also have a distinct roof style that many others try to emulate.