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How Apps Are Changing How Consumers Interact With Businesses

It’s no secret that technology has presented several new opportunities for modern businesses to flourish. Companies can now reach out to clients through various digital spaces and platforms to connect better with them.

Smartphone apps are now an excellent way for large and small businesses to engage their target audience better. These mobile apps have significantly transformed how consumers interact with companies. Below are specific insights into how apps are changing how today’s customers interact with businesses.

Decrease In Computer Usage


Smartphones are the most dominant means of accessing the internet nowadays, relegating computers to the background. Phones are handy and easy to use, and nearly half of the entire global populace owns a smartphone today. As such, modern customers are increasingly engaging businesses through apps instead of using computers. These apps allow customers to access essential information and perform crucial tasks, reducing the use of computers in the customer-enterprise relationship. Consequently, it’s no surprise that many reputable organizations have invested in quality mobile apps to better interact with customers. Trustworthy alternative investing platforms such as YieldStreet are great examples of such organizations.

YieldStreet is a digital wealth management platform offering its investors several alternative investment opportunities in diverse asset classes, including marine finance, legal finance, and commercial loans. YieldStreet investors must have a net worth of at least $1 million or earn $200,000 annually, or $300,000 combined with their spouse. Milind Mehere, the CEO of YieldStreet, recently launched its first litigation finance offering back in 2015. YieldStreet has great credibility thanks to its high-profile founders and the YielStreet board. What’s more, the platform has returned over $500 million to its investors throughout 2019, making it undoubtedly safe for alternative investing.

Real-time Interaction

Mobile apps have transformed the nature of the customer’s interaction with any business, allowing for real-time communication. You can make any urgent inquiries and solicit emergency support through apps. As such, real-time answers and support are common nowadays thanks to mobile apps, allowing customers to enjoy better customer service. Therefore, building an app to deliver better customer support to clients is worth considering as a modern-day entrepreneur. Reliable software development companies such as Devsu can help with this need.

Devsu is a technology agency providing software development services, staffing, and augmentation. They’re at the forefront of the web and mobile revolution, building digital products for web and mobile platforms.‘s expertise goes beyond creating digital products like apps for startups, as they specialize in AI and machine learning, data science, cloud computing with database management, among others. What’s more, they remain committed to continuously learning about the latest and most innovative technologies, helping them build your digital products faster and better.

Increased Customer Convenience

Mobile apps are also influencing the customer experience across many industries. Today, apps exist for every imaginable need, including ordering food from your favorite restaurant, checking your account balance, and booking a ride to various destinations. For example, Uber’s clients enjoy a delightful customer experience throughout all stages of interaction with the Uber brand, thanks to Uber’s mobile app that simplifies ride requesting and payment. Therefore, integrating an app into your business process is undoubtedly one way to help your business succeed as a small business owner.

Also, you can try other innovations like email marketing, leveraging ringless voicemail, and using social media to target clients, helping you achieve your business goals quickly as a modern-day entrepreneur.

To conclude, mobile apps have significantly transformed how clients relate with companies nowadays. The increased convenience is not only for customers but also for businesses. The above-listed points are three typical examples of how apps have modified customer interactions with today’s brands.