How Can You Improve Your Sex Life?

Whether the issue may be big or small, there’s plenty you can do to get your sex life back where you want it to be. Sometimes our sex life gets thrown off the track when we least expect it to. It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it; we’re here to help you get it back. Did you know that your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your mental, physical, and emotional health? Unhealthy sex life can lead to overall unhealthy living habits. Sometimes when we get coupled up, it can lead to a sexual rut because familiarity can be the death of your sex drive. Here are some quick tips that we’ve come up with to help get your sex life back where it belongs.

Try liberating your body’s energy.


If you think sex is the only way to liberate your body’s tension, then you’re mistaken, unfortunately. There are many ways to rid our body of some energy and help affirm our connection with our own body. You can try dancing or yoga; they work sensually. A survey actually found that sexually inactive people were more prone to feelings of sadness, and they also felt unattractive.

Reignite dopamine with something sexy and new.


Try thinking outside of your box for once and do something new bold, and sexy. Maybe wear something intimate to bed with your lover; if you’re a lady, try wearing womens thongs to bed with your hubby. A thong will give you that feeling of sexiness and boldness that you’ve been struggling to find. Doing something exciting will help reignite dopamine and duplicate the same feelings you felt in the honeymoon phase. Some experts say that dopamine and other chemicals in the brain directly correlate to physical attraction and romantic passion; bonding over something new to you helps spark arousal.

Try medication.


You might be wondering to yourself, “Is Viagra covered by insurance?” If you have erectile dysfunction, then the answer is yes, some insurance will cover Viagra and other drugs like Cialis and such. So if your issue is growing an erection, search no further because we got you covered on getting it up in bed. Some doctors offering treatment of erectile dysfunction even offer trial erection packs as samples.

Be cautious of who you sleep with.


Some people go around not caring who they’re sleeping with until they wake up with an infection or other STD. You don’t want to wake up with chlamydia, bumps, or something even worse. You’ll be calling your doctor waiting, hoping you only have strep throat to find out that it’s a positive result on your tests. You’ll be begging for antibiotics like doxycycline to rid your body of anything and everything you might have caught.

Talk to your partner about sex.


Don’t just have sexual intercourse with your partner. Have conversations about sex with each other. You two need to find the right time and the right dialogue to talk to each other in. When and if sexual problems occur, feelings such as shame, guilt, hurt, and resentments can build. Creating a dialogue about sex without criticizing each other is a turning point for the two of you romantically. This is the first step to a better sex life and emotional bond.

You’ll also want to confide in your partner about any changes you’re having in your body, whether from a dry vagina or erectile dysfunction. Let your partner know what’s going on and be honest with each other; being honest is a challenge, but as long as you overcome it, your sex life will change forever and for the better.