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How To Implement Six Sigma in Daily Operations

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and streamline workflows. There are countless options for software integrations that promise to enhance operations. With that in mind, how does one determine which integrations are the most effective and worthwhile? The following are trusted integrations that have been used by top companies for years. Many large companies have improved their efficiency and gained success with the help of these applications.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a scientific methodology and set of statistical tools for process improvement that businesses have been implementing since the 1980s. Incito’s Six Sigma steps are proven to help with total quality management and improvement projects. Their lean Six Sigma methodology can help company leaders in the long term with cost savings and continuous improvement. Incito’s sigma aims to improve your current processes by combining the power of lean manufacturing and the Six Sigma set of tools. The goal is for Sigma practitioners to reap the full benefit from what information and tools they already have on hand, and become more of a process owner. Incito’s Sigma consultants work with business owners to create a value stream map that not only helps identify issues in production but can also identify the root cause of the problem.


Lean Six Sigma helps business owners analyze the root cause of the problems they face and increase customer satisfaction. The statistical methods of lean Six Sigma allow you to analyze all the different variables of the production process and identify the defects and shortcomings. Recognizing the cause of defects is the first step, then your business leaders can move to the next step of the process flow. Sigma and lean manufacturing give business owners access to powerful tools and metrics that can help you design a new process for defect-free products. Incito’s Sigma implementation lets you take advantage of the information you have on hand. Their sigma implementation can interpret the metrics of your current processes and make distinct improvements. The Six Sigma methodology has proven to be effective for decades, and the Sigma consultants at Incito want to help business owners and product managers create a roadmap for the future of their companies.

The Benefits of Integrating OKRS

In recent years, OKRs have been rapidly increasing in popularity. The acronym OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, and this methodology prioritizes clarity and communication in the workplace. The OKR methodology can benefit the whole company by connecting base level team members with the company’s highest level leadership team members. It’s all too common for companies to assemble a project team without enough follow-through or direction from company leadership. This is especially common in our current climate; since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of businesses have been forced to work completely remotely. This puts an even bigger strain on the line of communication between the different levels of an organization.


OKRs provide a powerful tool that recognizes the importance of project goals, measurable key results, and quality management. One OKR company that is leading the pack of software providers is Workboard. The OKR technique that they heavily focus upon is aligning individual goals, project goals, and overall company goals. They believe in the power of objectives and measurable key results, but they’ve noticed how common it is for companies to not be reaping the full benefit of their OKR integrations. That’s why the CEO of Workboard, Deidre Paknad hosts their OKRs podcast to help bridge the gap that their listeners may be experiencing. The podcast allows industry experts to share their experiences using OKRs to achieve agility in their full organization’s growth.

Workboard’s OKR podcast wants to give business owners the knowledge and confidence to move forward with their powerful objectives and serious goals. Getting the most out of your OKR integrations in the first place will allow you to immediately streamline the workflow and communication of your project team. It’s for this reason that Workboard’s podcast is so important to business professionals.