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How Venn Diagrams Can Help You Problem-Solve

No matter if you’re facing a low- or high-stakes decision, you’ll find that certain problem-solving tools can help make the process an easier one. You might be like Gilmore Girls’ Rory and opt for detailed lists of pros and cons, or maybe you tend to think through a problem until you dream up a solution. In any case, trying a new-to-you tool can refresh your mindset and fast-track your decisions and solutions.

For instance, you might turn to a venn diagram as a tool to help bolster your problem-solving efforts. This may not be the most common tool you come across in trying to solve a problem, but it’s nevertheless a powerful one, for an array of reasons.

You’ll create a visual aid.


One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a venn diagram is the power of a visual aid. These may be most commonly associated with presentations and speeches, yet they’re undeniably beneficial in decision-making and problem-solving, too. Many of the problems we face in our day-to-day lives are vague, intangible ones; by creating a visual depiction of these issues, you instantly make them more corporeal.

For instance, consider someone who’s weighing the various offerings of a debt relief company. The ideas of credit counseling, debt consolidation, refinancing, debt resolution, bankruptcy, or even making minimum payments as part of your debt management plan are just that—ideas. By adding these options to a venn diagram, you’ll ensure they’re more tangible and easier to consider.

A venn diagram lays out your options.


In addition to making the outcomes you’re considering more material, a venn diagram can lay out your options, even creating a more visual list of pros and cons, should you want it to. In the instance of comparing your debt settlement options, this could mean adding each option to a venn diagram template and adding the offerings of each to the chart. In this way, you’ll clearly see not just what options are available but how they compare to one another, too. Of particular note, you’ll be able to see where these options overlap, such as when two options both allow you to negotiate with creditors, lower your monthly payment, or improve your credit score.

You can more easily identify excess.


Similar to its ability to outline your various options in a visual manner, a venn diagram allows you to see where certain options might offer more than you need. For instance, maybe your financial situation is challenging enough that a personal loan or debt consolidation option would come as a relief but not so dire that you’ll need to enter a more intensive debt settlement program or consider declaring bankruptcy. With a completed venn diagram, you’ll clearly see what each option has to offer, including whether a particular offering is more extensive than you necessarily need, letting you determine which of your potential options is truly the right fit.

A venn diagram highlights areas that are lacking.


Just as your venn diagram can show areas of excess, it can just as easily showcase those that are lacking. Perhaps your finances are in a more dire state, needing a more intensive debt relief program than someone else might. In looking at your venn diagram, you’ll see whether a particular debt settlement company, or an option offered by that company, is missing a particular tool you might want in your debt relief arsenal, as well as what alternatives would be a better fit for you and your total debt at present.

Whether you’re considering debt relief or another problem entirely, you may very well find that a venn diagram is the tool you’ve been missing in making the best choice possible.