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Top 5 Accessories You Shouldn’t Go Without

Using a variety of accessories is a fun way to experiment with and create new looks. Every female’s wardrobe needs a few key pieces, such as the classic little black dress, a versatile pair of pumps, and the perfect pair of skinny jeans. The same can be said when it comes down to accessory staples. Take a look at five of the must-have accessories that will never go out of style.

1. The Perfect Handbag


There’s a handbag for every use, season, and occasion. Pairing your look with the perfect handbag not only adds convenience and functionality but also helps pull together your style. Some of the most classic styles include chic crossbody bags, reversible totes, sophisticated bucket bags, preppy satchels, sleek pocketbooks, stylish saddlebags, and simple shoulder bags.

2. Make a statement with jewelry.


You can never go wrong with layering simple necklaces or opting for a statement necklace with lots of sparkles. Bracelets are also fun to stack and mix and match, or you could opt for a big bangle. Wearing a sleek watch adds a professional pop to any outfit. You can also have fun with simple stud earrings, hoops, or dangling earrings.

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3. Square Scarves


Square scarves are surprisingly versatile and can be worn year-round. Scarves are not only functional in the cold, but you can easily wear a scarf as a top, a belt, a hair accessory, a skirt, or even a dress. Satin or silk fabrics add a touch of class and elegance, while cotton fabrics are perfect for summery or casual looks.

An often-overlooked accessory that can make a big statement is your manicure. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the salon every week to get a gel manicure. With Mani Me, you can get an at-home gel nail design that custom-sized for your natural nails. Their stick-on gel nails can be applied to your natural nails or acrylic nails in minutes. Simply take photos of your hand, choose your favorite nail art design, and within 3-4 business days, you’ll receive a set of custom-fit gel nails. Whether you prefer elaborate nail designs with textures, sparkles, and colors, or a more simple, nude style, you can get the perfect manicure at home.

4. Tie it together with a belt.


Nothing pulls an outfit together more and makes you look trendier than a great belt. There are countless styles of belts to choose from. Some timeless belt styles include braided leather, skinny, oversized, animal-print, chain, single-buckle and double-buckle Western, and statement buckle. A belt literally ties an outfit together and adds both function and style, whether paired with a casual pair of jeans and a shirt or a cute summer dress.

5. Say it with sunglasses.


Sunglasses are a great way to switch up your look while also keep your eyes protected from the sunlight. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of rounded or square-shaped sunglasses. You can find an array of colored lenses and frames in countless colors, patterns, and sizes to complement your face from the classic shapes.

Handbags, jewelry, scarves, belts, manicures, and sunglasses are accessory must-haves that will enhance and transform any outfit.