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How To Attract Loyal Patrons to Your Bar

Bars are gradually becoming favorite spots again after a hiatus sponsored by the global pandemic and its effects in recent years. One question on the minds of many bar owners is, “How do we get our customers to keep coming back?” If you’ve been in the business for long, you already know how repetitive customers are essential to a bar’s continuity. Here are some tips to help you attract loyal customers to your bar.

Make your menu accessible online.


Having a business website has become more than crucial in today’s world. About 80 percent of customers research a product or service before patronage, and the bar industry is no different. The flavor, aroma, and brewery can be factors in an individual’s choice of beer, and you’ll probably have customers who have strict beer preferences. Some will prefer American light lager over Carlsburg and will ensure you meet their standards before visiting your bar. For this reason, having a website or digital platform where customers can read your menu is vital.

Many bars increasingly leverage digital platforms to ramp up exposure about their menu and unique offerings. So, you could be losing out on a ton of traffic if you don’t have a website. Besides showcasing the menu, your bar can also use the website to communicate more value to beer lovers if they make a huge part of your bar’s market. Creating content about authenticity, the brewing process, and more can be a great way to keep customers hooked to your bar and beer.

Be critical about hygiene.

Cleanliness is often less talked about, but a dusty table can cause customers to react as gravely as being served an expired drink. It’s essential to keep all areas clean, including your parking lot, which is the first impression people will have of your bar. If your bar sits on a wide area too big to handle by yourself, you can outsource your cleaning function. If you’re in the Fort Worth, TX, area, a quick Google query for “parking lot sweeping in Fort Worth” can bring up several results to make your final choice. Bar owners have no excuse to not keep their spaces squeaky clean.

Focus on your customer service.

Still on impressions, it pays to apply the same principle to your customer service attendants. There’s so much a positive first impression can do for your bar. Besides keeping your patrons satisfied, it can improve word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Impressions can make customers recommend your services to their friends, which is the highest form of marketing.

Set up loyalty programs.

Loyalty doesn’t come cheap, and business relationships thrive on value. No doubt, value can best be realized if it goes both ways. As a bar owner seeking repetitive customers, it’s essential to acknowledge and appreciate your loyal customers. Develop loyalty programs that journey first-time patrons through the various sales funnel levels. You can also do random giveaways and fun events to engage your customers.

Be open to feedback.


Listening to customers can significantly improve your bar’s appeal with its loyalists. Bars can listen to their customers in several ways, including opening up for feedback. You can choose traditional feedback strategies like a suggestion box. Bars with a convincing online presence can leverage their digital strength to generate customer feedback. Digital platforms afford businesses many feedback strategies, including Twitter polls and Google Forms surveys.

All in all, customer relationship management is no easy task, especially in a highly competitive market like bars and restaurants. But it pays to prioritize customer satisfaction. A satisfied and loyal customer will likely not come alone. They’ll often come with other loyal drinkers, which will scale your customer retention efforts.