What Can’t I Bring to My New Home From My Old One?

People all across the United States move from location to location, whether it’s for a new job or a desire to get more space for a growing family. Individuals move to new homes often.

Sometimes, there’s a desire to bring certain items from a previous home to a newly bought home. We’ll focus on what you can’t bring from an old house to a new home.



You’ve decided to move to a new home. Maybe you’re a renter and want to get out from under the thumb of your landlord and want to own your home. Or perhaps you’ve found a new home closer to your job. Whatever the reason that you decide to hire movers to transport your household goods, the process will be a busy one. As you pack for your residential move, you might want to bring everyday items from your old home to your new home. One of these would include your flooring.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring those dream floors from your previous home to your new home. Whether it’s carpet, tile, laminate flooring, or hardwood floors, you can’t bring these floors to your new house. You’ll have to contact respected retailers such as Carpet Outlets to have your dream floors installed at your new house. Trying to pull up the foundation of your old home can cause damage to your former home and will be too much of a hassle. It doesn’t matter how attached you are to that beautiful hardwood base, trying to have that ground area removed can cause problems.

That’s why it’s best to get in touch with a carpet tile flooring company that can provide you with many floor choices. These stores will give you great insight into the right floor for your new home, and they’ll consider that you’re a new homeowner and offer you convenient financing options for your new floor. Once you see the unique selection of hardwood, laminate, and other floor types offered at such stores, you’ll forget all about the floors from your previous home.

Built-In Appliances

So you’ve gotten in touch with Tampa long distance movers to help with your long-distance interstate move to a new home. To ensure a peaceful moving process, you’re working with a local moving company to ensure they provide the best service possible. One way to assist them with doing this is to list all the items that need to be moved. When you’re putting together such a list, you might be tempted to add your current home’s built-in appliances to the list. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring these with you on your next move.

Though appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers might be considered personal property, you won’t be able to bring them with you if they are built into your kitchen. A moving company with years of experience will confirm this for you, letting you know these built-in appliances are now considered a fixture. In some cases, homeowners might still want these items, and they’ll incur the additional costs required with fixing or remodeling damaged areas where these appliances are removed from. The best way to avoid hassle and have a stress-free moving experience on the day of your move is to invest in new appliances for your new home.

Built-In Furniture


As in the case of built-in appliances, you might want to bring your favorite built-in piece of furniture from your old home to your new home. This might include built-in bars, bookcases, desks, vanities, and counters. Again, you won’t be able to have your long-distance movers add such items to the moving truck.

Since these items are built into your old home, they are integral parts of the structure. Removing these items will damage your former house and harm its architectural elements. Don’t hamper your moving experience to a great city by trying to bring in your built-in furniture. Try to keep your entire home in the best shape possible to be seen as a good investment for potential buyers.