Your 2023 Christmas Decorating Guide

Your 2023 Christmas Decorating Guide

Unveiling next year’s festive decorating trends may seem premature. After all, aren’t we just catching our breaths after the last holiday season? Yet, when it comes to savvy shoppers and style-conscious decorators, planning ahead can never happen too early. So, what will be the biggest Christmas decorating trends for 2023? Keep reading to find out.

Environmentally Friendly Decorating Solutions


With climate concerns coming to the fore, it’s no surprise that sustainability is another key trend for 2023 Christmas decorating. Environmentally friendly choices offer a guilt-free way to get into the holiday spirit. One of the ways decorators are greening their festive displays is by repurposing and recycling. This trend is good for the planet and it adds a cost-effective and creative spin to holiday decorating.

One thing to consider is the use of an artificial Christmas tree. The fact that it can be reused time and time again makes it an eco-friendly choice. Unlike real trees that can start to wilt and shed needles after just a few weeks, artificial trees can last for years. This means you can enjoy the same beautiful tree every holiday season without the hassle of constantly replacing it. Artificial trees can be easily stored in a box and simply assembled when the time comes. This saves you time and eliminates the stress of searching for the ideal tree every year.

Choosing LED lights over traditional Christmas lights can also reduce your carbon footprint. LEDs consume less electricity and last longer, making them a choice that’s both smart and beautiful. By switching to LED lights, we can decrease our energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Eye-Catching Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas


When it comes to outdoor Christmas decor, the theme for 2023 is simply ‘go big or go home’. This doesn’t mean a cluttered front yard, but rather, curated collections that make a statement. Imagine a medley of light-up reindeer grazing on your front lawn, or a Santa express train adding motion and light to your outdoor display. Such creative installations entertain neighborhood children and add a spirited flair to your home.

Experiment with different lighting effects. Whether you prefer color-changing lights, fairy lights, or the traditional white twinkle, there’s a myriad of options to brighten up your exteriors. Don’t forget to pay attention to your front door. A beautiful wreath combined with an imaginative door hanger can set an unforgettable first impression.

Impress Your Guests with Unique Table Settings

A well-set table creates an inviting ambiance for your holiday meal, offering a feast not only for the palette but also for the eyes. As per the 2023 trend, start with a tablecloth or runner made from natural materials, and build your tablescape from there. Centerpieces will continue to be the star of table settings. From ornate candelabras and fresh floral arrangements to handmade crafts, ensure yours is a showstopper.

Tablescapes won’t be complete without festive dinnerware. Opt for tableware in unique shapes or with quirky illustrations for an instant conversation starter. Personalize your settings with name cards. Whether you go for simple cardstock or mini Christmas baubles, personalization adds a wonderful touch to your holiday gathering.

Incorporating Lights for that Christmas Sparkle


The twinkle and glow of Christmas lights are a major part of the holiday charm. In 2023, novel ways of incorporating lights into the decor are expected to be a big hit. One way is through layered lighting. Lay the foundation with your Christmas tree lights, then add layers with window lights, doorway garlands, and table centerpieces.

Novelty lights in the form of Christmas characters or festive shapes will also be popular. These add a playful touch to the decor and can make for charming focal points in different rooms. Don’t forget the power of candles. The warm, flickering glow of candles – whether real or LED – can instantly transform a room into a cozy Christmas wonderland.

As you can see, the trends for Christmas decorating in 2023 suggest a year full of creativity and conscious choices. From nature-inspired decor to greener solutions and impressive lighting displays, we are looking forward to a festive season bursting with charm and cheer. Though it can take a lot of work, the rewards of decorating are always worth it. Follow our advice and your home will be sure to impress.