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What Programs Should Aspiring Software Developers Learn?

Aspiring software developers can sometimes feel overwhelmed in today’s society. The system requirements for their computers are higher. Custom software development is at an all-time high. Companies are demanding new features made in less time, and all of that falls on the programmer. As a beginner, how do you set yourself apart and appear that you already have years of experience? Learning these programs will help fill the gap of the experience you currently don’t hold.



A staple program that is the epitome of best practices is Adobe. Their custom software has stood at the pinnacle of editing for decades. Photoshop remains one of the most used editing programs for small businesses and larger corporations. One of the big reasons it continues to perform is its ability to bring in new customers. This starts with a Photoshop free trial. It comes with all the functions that you’ll find when unlocking full access from a paid account. Within that free trial week, you can uncover the custom solutions and custom applications the top-end programmers are using. When starting out in the industry, Adobe is a great program to learn.


Though this isn’t a program, it’s a code that all programmers need to learn. So much surrounding application development is done with JavaScript. From developing custom business software to creating a custom software solution for a website, Java is used in so many software applications. It’s been around as long as Adobe CC. When you’re learning programming languages, Java is one of the main four. It comes with scalability, better business processes, and the flexibility to fit specific needs. With many software applications utilizing the programming language, learning Java will have you ahead of others when you’re looking to land a job.


Like Java, Python isn’t a program but is used in the development of several different programs. It has a competitive advantage because it focuses on code readability and ease of use. Many existing systems have just built upon their existing development process, while Python has integrated a heightened use of whitespace. There are numerous other reasons that developers use this language which means it should be around for the foreseeable future. Many web pages, games, and apps are turning to Python as the code.


A program that often goes unnoticed by non-coders or programmers is Linux. Linux’s machines have withstood the test of time against Microsoft and iOS systems and should continue to be a solution for many developers. The responsiveness of Linux, along with its deployment of commands, make this software a must for people starting out in the business. There will come a time during your career when your workflow will be through a Linux powered system.

Microsoft Suite


The final one might appear basic, but with so many previous versions, as well as so much common usage, Microsoft Suite is a must-know for young developers. In particular, Microsoft Excel needs to be mastered. With many formulas that can make databases, invoices, and templates extremely functional, Excel is used in nearly every sector of the industry. Its VLOOKUP function alone can save countless hours of searching during the lifetime of a company. New software that many corporations are turning to in COVID times is Microsoft Teams. This latest addition to the suite offers users the chance to digitally interact thrown message boards, video calls, and direct messaging. It’s a software that looks to be around for a long time.

As a young developer looking to get ahead, you need to think smart. Starting with these programs as your initial case studies will put you ahead of your competition.